Starwood fails to understand the word ‘exclusive’

I had my first stay at a Starwood property after several years, in the past few weeks. (There will be a review this week). So it seems that Starwood decided to target me for an Exclusive Member Offer. Oh, the excitement. I could hardly wait to open the email.

Exclusive Offer

The EXCLUSIVE offer? Well, after 10 stays in a year at Starwood hotels I can become a Gold Member and get lots of perks.


Of course, those who know the SPG scheme will know that you normally need 10 stays to get Gold. Exclusive, eh? That would be exclusive in its ‘available to everyone in the world’ meaning would it Starwood?

From their very own web site:


This is in contrast to an offer that seems to be going around for double stay credits for selected members who seem not to have stayed recently.