Freddie Awards voting opens

16-02-2015 06-09-32

I am pleased to say that voting has started for the 2015 Freddie Awards. Long established, they took a short break, but are now back bigger and better. Several years ago I attended one ceremony in Washington DC and it was interesting to meet some of the people that you hear about in the industry.

Over the next few weeks most members of hotel, car or aircraft frequent flyer schemes will receive a communication from their programme advocating that they vote for them. In my mind this tells you how well these awards are regarded within the industry. In a period of massive upheaval to schemes this year could be odd – I for one will not be voting for United in any category. In previous years they would have got my top vote. I hate to think how many (read few) votes Delta will receive.

Of course, the great voting public may well cause an upset!

The voting page is here.

(I apologise that the organisers seem to think that America invented the English language.)

Here is an image from last year’s event:


So please go out and vote!

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