BA changing Tier Points needed for Gold Guest List

Gold Guest List Card

BA announced yesterday that it was increasing the Tier Points needed to secure Gold Guest List; a sub-section of Gold Status that I reviewed some weeks ago. The changes occur on 1 January 2015. They are also taking away the option to secure membership in Europe by earning 3,000 Tier Points for each of two consecutive years.

The increase means that from 1 January 2015 you must earn 5,000 Tier points to secure GGL. After this renewal remains the same at 3,000 per annum. In the first year the increase Tier Points mean that you’ll score a Concorde Room Card. This seems slightly odd as these rooms are already packed!

This may be an attempt to thin the ranks of members who get to give away status to friends and loved ones.

The BA Rep at Flyertalk has provided a nice set of Q&A’s for those with specific concerns. Worth reading here.

There is some grace for those who manage to secure the required number of points before 8 April, but read the T&C’s just in case somehow your plans are not covered by the exemptions.