One of the best BA flights ever, and just from London to Paris

The flight attendant call buttons are blue on the A318

The flight attendant call button was not needed !

I had a short hop to Paris last Friday, starting my rather long and involved Birthday based holiday.

The first flight was a 55 minute hop from London to Paris with British Airways, and in particular a flight attendant called Linus.

I mention this only because he showed what could be done in such a short time. There were 12 people in Club Europe and Linus managed a drinks round from the trolley,  a separate meal service, warmed scones and tea and coffee for everyone in the time available. He was through the cabin for almost every minute of the flight seeing if people wanted anything else.

As we came in for our approach he provided plastic cups for the two people in row 3 still enjoying their Champagne.

It was so good that I gave out my first Golden Ticket. The scheme is provided by BA to allow Gold Card Holders to recognise exceptional service, and honestly I’d never given one out before. But Linus deserved it – every minute of those 55 minutes we took for the flight made me feel good about being with British Airways.