Stuck on a crossword whilst travelling? I have a solution.

How often do you open a copy of the inflight magazine and notice that someone has left a crossword with a couple of clues unanswered?

A good friend of mine has recently set up a web site which is getting massive numbers of visits from people stuck on crossword clues. I would heartily recommend it for that last couple of clues. Cryptic or otherwise.


The link is here.

The site provides more than ‘What word is this?’ o?er???itled (Clue: What United says about its elites).

You can search for meanings and synonyms, as well as anagrams. The site is pretty clever in that you can enter the letters in any order and it will sort it out for you.

Of course, you can use the site to settle Travel Scrabble disputes as well as an ‘aid’ when playing ‘Words with Friends’.