BA, Dublin to London – Club Europe

I recently had to travel on one of the former bmi routes which BA purchased when they took over bmi.

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Using a Airbus A319 the plane was nearly full. There were a couple of seats in Club Europe but none in EuroTraveller, BA’s economy short haul product.

The meal service is time-of-day dependent with flights before 10am having a hot breakfast in Club, and cold plates the mid-morning and mid-afternoon flights and a smoked salmon plate around lunchtime.
The seats are in a 2-2 config, really it’s 3-3 with the middle seat left empty with a table installed to prevent anyone sitting there. The old days of convertible seats are going as BA installs their newer, thinner seats. The reduction in back and seat padding is noticeable and a couple of hours of these new seats is enough.

When I arrived at the BA check-in there was a line which was not moving. I could not obtain my connecting flight (to JFK) boarding pass, I think as it was booked as a AA codeshare. Luckily I did not have to wait as I managed to download the DUB-LHR segement and proceeded to Security.

There is a Fast Track line at Dublin Terminal 1. However, there were so few people eligible to use the line that they were calling people out of the ordinary queue, making it not very Fast Track.

If you turn left from the Fast Track queue you get to the share Dublin Authorities Lounge which BA shares. A quick trip in the lift I was at the lounge. The selection was quite small:

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The Coffee Machine made a decent cup

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Near boarding time, I went to gate 303, which is about a 10-15 minute walk from the lounge.

I was booked in to 1C, but switched to 1A as it remained empty. The leg room is fairly decent:

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A clear day allowed good views as we left Ireland:

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The crew were friendly and produced drinks on request throughout the flight.

There were no delays and we arrived at the Irish section of Terminal 1 on-time.