The View from The Shard – part 4 – Going Down!

The way down is (unsurprisingly) the reverse of the way up, including a change of lifts mid-way down.
The lift lobby (shown above) is near the small gift shop mentioned yesterday. The windows have a sky motif stuck to the windows with views of London peaking through the image:

The lift operators were really interested in the experience we had, and most of the customers in my lift seemed to have really enjoyed it. The Operator only has a few buttons to press:

The exit – inevitably – through the Gift Shop. Although this one is somewhat more classy than those many attractions offer:

A wide range of gifts, from Key Rings to large, very handsome photobooks were all on offer. The staff were friendly and helpful here too.
The exit, via a revolving door

Led to one edge of the Shard

A look back over my shoulder made me realise just how large is The Shard.


A really nice experience, although not helped by the weather. Friendly, informative staff who were happy to help and keen to engage with the customers. An unhurried experience.

My only doubt is value for money – nearly £25 per adult ticket might be a little rich for some people

The official web site and ticket booking site.