BA London Heathrow to Dublin – Club

a group of people walking in an airport

I travelled from London to Dublin with BA last week using the service that used to be British Midland, from Terminal 1. I did online check-in and received my boarding pass in advance. You cannot do this on flights from Dublin.

BA uses two lounges in Terminal, pretty much as bmi used to do. The one for Domestic and Ireland departures is not as nice as the one for International Departures. There was plenty of room when I was at the Domestic Lounge, although frequent travellers complain of a lack of snacks. They had crisps, muffins, hot soup, olives and some cheese and crackers. Not very exciting but perfectly adequate.

a group of people sitting in a room

Domestic/Ireland Lounge

The flight left from the gate right next to the lounge – tip: there is a rear exit from the lounge which goes right to the gate. BA tends to start boarding about 20 minutes before departure and as I was there a little early I wandered down to the end of the terminal which has an exceptional view of the run way.

a plane on the runway

Runway view

Once on board I found I was onboard a BA converted A319 which used to belong to bmi. This A319 varied from the old BA ones in that it did not have drop down screens and so the crew had to do a live demo. In addition it has newer seats which feature thinner back rests than the BA aircraft:

a row of seats in an airplane


I was in 1C and there was plenty of leg room

a seat in an airplane

The meal was cold (with warm rolls) -a chicken tikka salad:

a plate of food on a trayThe passenger in 2A managed to blag an upgrade for his friend who should have been sitting in Economy. This was really unusual for BA who I find tend to be very strict on upgrades. The staff were friendly and the flight was on time landing at Dublin. It arrived at T1, had a jet bridge which was lucky as the rain was heavy and we had a bumpy approach.

Immediately after exiting the plane a quick left turn and the immigration was right there – no queue and after a short up-and-down walk, I was outside and in the terminal.


A good flight from a route that BA seem to want to make their own, having pulled out of Ireland a few years ago. Interesting to see how that goes.