Would you have paid? Airline demands you visit the cashpoint to pay off its debts

Out of London, an extraordinary about airline passengers being marched to cashpoints (ATMs) in order to pay off the debts of their carrier, before they would be carried home.


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“Furious passengers were forced to hold an emergency £20,000 whip round when their flight was grounded because the airline
couldn’t afford the second half of the journey.

Over 600 holidaymakers travelling back from Amritsar in India to Birmingham International Airport were ‘held to ransom’ for
six hours at Vienna.

Four chartered flights with Austrian-based carrier Comtel Air were involved in the fiasco over the weekend after being
forced to stop off in the Austrian capital to refuel.”

more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2062232/Comtel-Air-passengers-forced-20k-whip-round-pay-fuel.html#ixzz1dsgEKydb