United about to strip it Million Mile Programme of benefits?

Gary over at View from The Wing is reporting a rumour that United are poised to change its Million Miler programme – for the worse of course, this is United.

After 3 Million Miles I was promised 1K for life and haven’t flown United since. My next hurdle would be 4 Million Miles where Global Services is offered. I’m just in that awkward middle place:


But now it seems that they are going to remove the Global Services option, if the article is accurate, and take away upgrade instruments from 3 Million Milers who don’t make their spend threshold each year. They threatened this before some years ago but backed down in the end.

We shall have to see if the rumour has any truth it – perhaps this is United’s Christmas present for it’s Million Milers!

This is the current scheme:



  1. The poor airlines are burdened with rising fuel costs and declining profits so they have to cut back somewhere to pay their executive’s Christmas bonus.

  2. Sounds like a good move to me. Why should I have to compete for upgrades with people who rarely fly anymore.

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