Some unusual award options – KLM/AF – marathons, meals and tours of Paris

The Flying Blue programme has a number of oddities and several years ago when I used to fly KLM a lot, I ended up with a lot of miles through a mileage match promotion. Upgrading is comparatively hard these days and so I have been looking at ways of spending the residue of my miles. Roaming around the AF/KLM FlyingBlue web site I found some unusual options:

Each of these options include race entry with the Geneva option also including access to a special lounge, snacks and more.

There are several accommodation options:

The Drehu Village is on The Island of Lifou, off New Caledonia as is the Koulnoue Village. Air France flies to New Caledonia.

If you are travelling to Paris you might light to use you miles for tours of the City:

You can also book some ‘experience’ options:

You can also drive a Porsche:

You can also rent cars:

For many countries you can also obtain some Sony products for your miles:

You can also obtain 2 * 25 EUR on board shopping vouchers for 17,000 miles:

You can also use miles for additional baggage allowances, nicer seating or better meals:


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