easyJet passengers have to have a whip round to get plane underweight

A UK paper is reporting that passengers had to have a whip round when no one would leave their over-weight flight from Liverpool to Geneva.

The airline only offered £100 per passengers, but after the passengers raised a further £400, so each passenger could have £200, four got off and the plane left 90 minutes late.

The plane was 300kgs over-weight.

The airline blamed this on a excess number of male passengers on the flight – us blokes being heavier I suppose.

easyJet denies the whip round claim:

“As far as we can establish no other arrangements between passengers were made. easyJet has policies in place to deal with this situation and so there is no need for passengers to take this kind of action.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2264449/easyJet-passengers-forced-whip-round-pay-people-leave-overweight-plane.html#ixzz2ILfHye1C


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